Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday - Excitement Surrounds the Play Production

After doing our regular math warm up we spent time reviewing last night's homework. I wanted the students to recognize their mistakes and understand how to convert a year to months and minutes to seconds. Then we determined the benchmark temperatures such as; water freezing, normal body temperature, etc. Finally, we identified ways to read a thermometer.

We began our reading block by brainstorming a list of tasks that need to be done, by each group, to produce our plays. Then we examined each task and decided how to organize and accomplish it.

After that, each group met and read through their play working on fluency and expression. Next, they worked to complete the tasks that we listed earlier. The developed lists of costumes that would be needed. They also drew rough drafts of their scenery. Finally, the groups listed props they would either gather from home or make.

It was an EXCITING and productive day!!! I have to tell you that watching the students work together, problem solve and use their reading and writing skills to work towards a goal is what it is all about...that might sound trite but it was the feeling I had!!!

Following lunch and recess the students will go to the media center. When they return we will make our bee sticks (we didn't get to it yesterday) and identify what makes bees and plants interdependent.

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