Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today I had a meeting, in the building, with various professionals, to discuss the progress of the students this year. Therefore, I missed part of math. However, Mrs. Benson, our math specialist carried on with regular instruction. The students worked on elapsed time using seconds and months and years. Basically, it was the same idea but involved using different increments of time.

When I returned, I met with a small group to work on elapsed time. Mrs. Papalia was also in the room and pulled a group, too. Tonight, the students have a worksheet for homework. We will have out first quiz for unit 6 tomorrow!

We had our spring portraits at the beginning of our reading block. Therefore, we lost some instructional time. When we returned to class the students had the chance to share poetry they have written, during class, this week. Then we reviewed the for math of cinquain poems. Independent work today included a cinquain poem that will be scored for format and presentation, and a spelling buddy check.

Reading Groups:
Snow Tigers: We discussed Lu Ying's decision and read the author's note about panda rescue in China. Then we discussed this book being an example of historical fiction. There is no reading homework tonight but the students are keeping the book another day. They might need it for a writing assignment tomorrow.

Hyenas: We discussed the reason Ramona was unfairly called a nuisance and began reading chpater 4. There is no homework for this group.

Hornets: We have not started a new book yet...we will begin studying plays nextweek.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will visit the medai center. They will end the day with a lesson about careers, with Mrs. Howard, in the computer lab.

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