Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This morning in math we used a calendar to measure time. While the students worked independently on practice worksheets two small groups met. Mrs. Arul worked with a group to practice telling time using an analog clock. My group practiced calculating elapsed time using subtraction AND number lines. There is a worksheet for homework...but different students were assigned different worksheets.

We began the reading block investigating cinquain poems. These are 5 lined poems that have a specific syllable count for each line.

Line 1 2 syllables (subject)
Line 2 4 syllables (describe the subject)
Line 3 6 syllables (action involving the subject)
Line 4 8 syllables (a feeling about the subject)
Line 5 2 syllables(another name for the subject)

The Boys
loud, funny, weird
laughing 'til their sides hurt
stick together like true friends do

While I went to a meeting the students worked on completing comprehension worksheets for their specific reading group book. They also wrote their diamante poems and completed a WOW worksheet for attire. FInally, they practiced writing cinquain poetry.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we had a class meeting and discussed bullying. We will end the day by creating a t-chart that lists "key" events in our lives. FOR HOMEWORK: Students need to share their social studies journal with an adult. Please review the key event chart with your child and help them add (or change) key events and fix any dates.

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