Thursday, May 5, 2011


I will be out tomorrow having oral surgery. Therefore, there will be no blog entry. Sorry.

Today in math we began calculating elapsed time. I taught some strategies using numbers lines, t-charts and handheld clocks. The students worked independently on a worksheet while Mrs. Arul and I met with small groups focusing on reading an analog clock, as well as, calculating elapsed time. The students will continue working on this skill, tomorrow in class, with the substitute. There will NOT be a quiz tomorrow. There is a time worksheet for homework.

We began the reading block with students working in groups of 4 to write a definition of a sentence and to provide an example and non-example of a sentence. After sharing these, we identified a sentence as a group of words that state something and include a subject and a verb and predicate.

This led to a discussion about the phrasing in poetry being reliant on the author deciding which words he/she places on each line. Then we used a Shel Silverstein poem to decide which lines were phrases (fragments) and which ones were sentences because they included a subject and a verb.

While I meet with reading groups, the students will independently complete a decoding worksheet. Then they will finish their WOW worksheet from yesterday and practice rhyming with a two-sided Shel Silverstein worksheet. Finally, they will finish any unfinished work and read and write poetry.

Reading Groups:
Hyenas: We continued reading chapter 2 and discussed why Ramona has to go to Howie's house and why her job is to get along with Willa Jean. There is no reading homework tonight.

Snow Tigers: We discussed the idea of a rescue center and began reading about the trip to the rescue center in chapter 6. There is no homework tonight.

Hornets: Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to meet with this group. I will meet with them on Monday to discuss the ending of Bunnicula.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will visit the media center. When they return to class we will discuss the reasons for staking our plants and then stake the plants which need it.

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