Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We still have plenty of time...

to learn! Unfortunately, some children are struggling to maintain their focus. Please speak to your child about the importance of listening and following directions. Acknowledge that this is hard to do at this time of year but it is important...there is still plenty to learn!

During math, we continued working on the multiplication packet. However, we did not finish it...so do not look for it in your child's backpack this evening...it won't be there! There is an equivalent fraction worksheet for homework.

Speaking of math...here's the plan for the coming few days. Tomorrow we will work on the multiplication packet and work on a review packet for unit 5. Thursday we will go over the review packet, in depth, and clear about any misconceptions. Friday we will take our final quiz for this unit. ON Monday, we will go over the quiz, in class, and practice any areas that provided difficulties for the children. This will be in preparation for the Unit 5 assessment which we will take on Tuesday.

In reading we worked on the third lesson in the Comics in the Classroom program. This lesson focused on identifying the problem and solution in a story and understanding how humor helps the author tell a story.

After identifying and discussing new vocabulary, the children read a comic and wrote about the problem and solution in their reading response logs. After that, they were expected to continue working on reading group assignments from yesterday.

I was able to meet with the Flat Stanley group. We read chapter 3 and discussed various aspects of the chapter.

Following lunch and recess the children used their bee sticks to pollinate their plants and made an entry in their plant journals. Then they finished their cards for Mrs. Starkey and began making cards for Mrs. Howard.

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