Monday, May 19, 2008

Magical Monday

This morning began with a reward. Our school's recycling program has been so successful that we are one of 11 elementary schools in MCPS to earn a performance of The Magic of Recycling. Children in K-3 watched a magician perform sticks as he taught us more about recycling. We even got to walk through one of the new hybrid Ride-On buses. It was a cool morning!

After the assembly, we switched for math. My math class took a preasessment for unit 6. Then we reviewed the preassessment as a class. The purpose of the preassessment is for me to find out what the children already know and to prepare the children for what they will learn.

The preassessment let me know that I had made some inaccurate assumptions about the students' knowledge. Tomorrow we will continue talking about measurement (we began this last Thursday) but will also spend a great deal of time computing elapsed time.

After art, lunch and recess we will read another chapter of Champ and share some morning work entries. Then the children will go to the mini computer lab to publish the story poems they wrote on Friday.

We will end the day with a book exchange in the media center.

Homework: math worksheet and spelling

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