Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Terrific Tuesday

Ahhh...much better day today, weatherly speaking! :-)

The students began the Unit 5 math assessment this morning. I saw the majority of the children working well. They were very focused and used many of the strategies taught. Tomorrow they will be given time to finish the assessment.

We began reading by reviewing a parts of a story map (introduction, events leading to the climax, the climax and the resolution). Then the children reread the comic Jr. Woodchucks Survival in the Wild and drew a story map for the comic in the reading response log. They also worked on individual reading group assignments.

Charlotte's Web: This week they will be reading chapters 7, 8 and 9. They will also be writing about Fern and Wilbur's friendship, in their reading response logs, using specific examples from the story. Today they began their reading assignment with the help of Mrs. Isaacs.

JGB: Began the directed notes reading of The Brave Little Tailor, with me. We were marking places where the tailor either said or showed his "motto", 7 with one blow, and they wrote why he either said or showed it.

Flat Stanley: They will read chapter 5 and write a summary for the chapter in their reading response log. Today they met with me to begin reading the chapter.

W&M: This group will be reading chapters 10 & 11 of Journey. They will write, in their William and Mary journals, about the changes brought about by adding Bloom to the family.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, I read a chapter from our latest read aloud, Champ. Then the children used their notes from yesterday to write their own Bio Poem. After that, they cross pollinated their plants and drew a diagram of a flower in their science journal.

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