Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not Sure What I Was Thinking!

My math class had a lloonnngggg formative this morning AND it had a couple of problems that I had failed to cover with them in class...OOPS! So, if your child's formative is a might not be their fault! Sorry!

Anyway, we did take and review a formative in class and it will be used to drive instruction, particularly tomorrow. Tonight, PLEASE go over the formative with your child. There is also an elapsed time worksheet.

During our reading block, the children continued working on reading group assignments from yesterday and the summary of Lizard on the Loose. I met with two groups.

JGB: They received a literature web. They were to work in groups to complete the literature web using the story The Ugly Duckling. We will use these webs as we discuss the story tomorrow (hopefully!).

W&M: Finished reading pages 41-53. We discussed the feeling of doom surrounding Miss Lily's illness and we talked about Nam's letters to the little yellow canary. These letters are a therapeutic way for Nam to rehash her past and they give us, as readers, the background knowledge needed to understand Nam's journey.

Following PE, lunch and recess, we will continue planning our comic strip. Then we will attend the annual spring choral and band concert.

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