Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day

This morning the children finished the unit 5 assessment in math. It took two complete math was lloooonnnngggg. I am hoping to have these graded by tomorrow but if it took the children 2 classes to complete it and I have 22 to score...well, you can see the challenge.

During reading the children continued working on their story maps from yesterday and their individual reading group assignments. I was able to meet with two groups.

Flat Stanley, met with me, finished reading chapter 5 and discussed the beginning, middle and end of the chapter. They now have to go back and write a summary in their reading response logs.

William and Mary also met with me. We began reading chapter 10 and discussed how Bloom's arrival to the family has filled a void in Journey. It was a great discussion with students bringing up ideas that I hadn't thought about and that stretched MY thinking. I enjoy those types on conversations!

Following PE, lunch and recess, we will write some poetry. We will tackle Diamante poetry. This is poetry that compares two different subjects, is 7 lines long and counts words, not syllables.

Line 1: one noun (subject #1)
Line 2: 2 adjectives (describe subject #1)
Line 3: 3 action words (related to subject #1)
Line 4: a 4 word phrase describing some feeling about the subject (subjects #1 and #2)
Line 5: 3 action words (related to subject #2)
Line 6: 2 adjectives (describe subject #2)
Line 7: 1 noun (subject #2)

After writing poetry, we will cross pollinate our plants and watch a movie about bees and pollination.

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