Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

...the old man isn't snoring, but field day is cancelled for tomorrow! Instead we will have field day on Friday! Even if the rain stops, this will allow time for the fields to dry.

In math we completed the measurement chart that we began last week. This chart lists different attributes we measure (length, time, temperature, weight,and capacity), the tools we typically use to measure these attributes and the units by which these measurements are generally reported.

Then we worked on calculating elapsed time. Today we used mini-analog clocks. Tomorrow I will introduce a number line type strategy.

There is a telling time to the quarter hour worksheet for homework.

Our reading block began before lunch and continued afterwards. We began by working on lesson 6 of Comics in the Classroom. This lesson focused on Point of View. The children, after some direct instruction, read a comic and completed a worksheet analyzing how a story can change when told by different characters. Then the students worked on reading group assignments.

W&M: We began a new novel called Onion Tears. It is about a girl who is a Vietnamese refugee in Australia. We began by finding Vietnam and Australia on the world map and "googling" Vietnam to find out a bit of information about the Vietnam War. This enabled us to begin the book with some common background knowledge. Then we read pages 1-9 together. After that, they reread pages 1-9 and wrote about the changes faced by the main character in the story.

Flat Stanley: This group is beginning a new book called The Shoeshine Girl. So their group will be referred to as Shoeshine Girl or SG from now on. We read chapter 1 together. Then the children reread chapter 1 on their own.

JGB: Met with me and discussed their directed notes using a worksheet in their packet.

CW: Read chapters 10 and 11.

Homework for reading groups:
W&M: Read pages 9-23 in Onion Tears.
JGB: Reread The Brave Little Tailor.
CW: Read chpaters 10 & 11.
Shoeshine Girl: Read the second chapter.

We ended the day by observing our plants and looking for seeds. We will also draw diagrams of our plants in our science journals.

Remember...Field Day is FRIDAY not tomorrow!

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