Friday, May 2, 2008


Boy, I am in need of the weekend...gotta catch up on some sleep! :-)

Our math quiz went much better for most! The children's efforts seem to be paying off. The unit assessment will probably be given at the end of next week. Watch the blog for the exact date.

We began reading with a discussion of idioms...kind of interesting...the children seemed more literal than I had thought. Therefore, we will spend more time on this concept over the coming weeks. Luckily, the Comics in the Classroom provides an opportunity to identify (and therefore discuss) many idioms.

After that, the children worked on reading group assignments until it was time to go to music. I had hoped to meet with many groups, but I got involved with a wonderful discussion with my JGB group (and our time was limited, plus they haven't had much face time with me lately...). I only met with the one group!

JGB: Great discussion!

W&M: Read chapters 7 & * in Journey.

CW: Read chapter 4.

Flat Stanley: Read chapter 3.

After lunch and recess will discuss ways to show appreciation for others and begin making cards for various members of the DES staff in honor of Staff Appreciation Week.

We will end the day by making bee sticks to help with the pollination process of our plants.

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