Thursday, May 15, 2008

Homphones Spelling Explanation

In math, today, we reviewed the unit 5 assessment. The children marked their score in their planners. Then we began a preview of unit 6. This unit deals with measurement...understanding attributes that can be measured, the tools that are used and the common units in which the measurement is reported. Additionally, there will be some conversions. For example, how many minutes are there in an hour and half. There is a time worksheet for homework.

On to our reading block... AND the spelling exploration...your children got their final spelling list today. The entire class has the same list. They are to learn the spelling and meaning of 10 SETS of homophones. Therefore, they have more than 10words. The test will not be next Friday. Instead, the spelling test will be on Friday, May 30, and homework will be due at that time, too. I will give the class the spelling test on May 30. They will only write 10 words. For each homophone set, I will choose one word and use it in a sentence. They will have to know which spelling of the word was used in the sentence. I hope this makes sense.

Here is the list:
1. to, too, two
2. where, wear
3. know, no
4. here, hear
5. by, buy, bye
6. there, their, their
7. hour, our
8. ate, eight
9. pear, pair
10. do, due, dew

After copying their spelling lists onto the appropriate papers and into their planners, the children continued working on independent reading group assignments. I met with JGB and continued working on their directed note reading.

Following lunch and recess, we will meet Mrs. Howard in the computer lab for a counseling lesson. Then we will come back to class and discuss writing poetry that tells a story. Today I will share some examples with them. If time allows, they will get a chance to try writing a poem that tells a story on their own.

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