Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Weeks to Go...

Wow! Hard to believe that two weeks from today is the last day of school.

We spent the entire math class going over different ways to solve elapsed time word problems. I felt like we had some "ah-ha" moments where children were starting to "get it". Let's hope so! There is a worksheet for homework tonight guessed it...elapsed time. Also, we will have a quiz tomorrow covering elapsed time and selecting the correct tools and units to measure attributes. For example, to measure the attribute of temperature, the tool you would use is a thermometer and the units would be degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

During our reading block the children worked on individual reading group assignments and completed their summaries of Lizard on the Loose. Overall, I was pleased with their summaries.

JGB: Met with me and used their literature web to discuss The Ugly Duckling. It was a good discussion and one student even added to it by asking her own, thought provoking questions. What a bonus!!

W&M: Finished reading Onion Tears.

CW: Read chapter 17 with me and chapter 18 on their own. Then responded to the questions, "Why are Charlotte and Wilbur worries about the pig Uncle being bigger than Wilbur?"

Shoeshine Girl: Read the Boy on the Street chapter with me. We also discussed the significance of Sarah Ida being given an apron.

Following lunch and recess we will vote on a star student. Then we will go to the computer lab. We will end the day with a lesson, in our classroom, with Mrs. Howard.

Don't forget our last spelling test is tomorrow!

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