Thursday, May 22, 2008

Terrific Thursday

Great day today...

In math we continued to calculate elapsed time using the number line method described in yesterday's blog. Students who did not finish their class work need to complete it for homework. Otherwise, there is no homework tonight!

Our reading lock was very productive. Students worked on individual reading group assignments, as well as, the homophone worksheet assigned yesterday.

JGB: Completed a creative writing activity in their Brave Little Tailor packet. This was the final activity for the story. As students finish their packet, they will hand it in for a grade.

W&M: Reread pages 24-41 (some with me) and answered the question, "How does getting the bike change Nam?", in their William and Mary journal.

Shoeshine Girl: Reread "A Game" and read "On the Avenue" with me. Then they reread "On the Avenue" independently. Finally, in their reading response journals they listed at least 5 questions they would like to ask Sarah Ida, the main character.

Charlotte's Web: Read chapter 14 and then reread it with me. They also answered the question, "How does Mrs. Arable show her concern for Fern? How is this similar to the gooses concern for its babies" in their reading response log.

Following lunch and recess, the children shared a morning work entry. Then they went to the computer lab, to work on a project with Mrs. Howard. We will end the day by reading and discussing an issue of Time for Kids.

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