Thursday, May 8, 2008

Five Weeks To Go...

Can you believe that there are only 5 weeks left in the school year? Time flies when you are having fun, doesn't it?

In math, we went over the homework from last night and then went over the review problem at a time, in depth. The children were expected to make sure they corrected any mistakes. They should bring home a completed and accurate review packet. Use this to prepare for tomorrow's quiz and for the unit assessment on Tuesday.

During reading, I met with three reading groups!
JGB: We finished the text opener and did an initial reading of the new story. Then the children reread the story with a partner.

W&M: Mt with me and reread chapter 8. We then had another great discussion...we talked about how Journey has changed during the story and we analyzed how his relationship with Grandfather has evolved.

Flat Stanley: Began rereading chapter 4. The children wrote summaries in their reading response log.

CW: Read chapter 6 and predicted what was going to happen in chapter 7, Bad News.

Following lunch and indoor recess, the children cross-pollinated their plants and continued working on our special writing project that involves a poem and a letter for a certain person in their lives! :-)

The day ended with a guidance lesson, with Mrs. Howard, in the computer lab!

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