Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday!

Our day began with a wonderful Cultural Arts assembly. A dance troupe from New Zealand performed for us.

After the show, we returned to class and to our reading block. Students worked on reading group assignments and any unfinished assignments from earlier in the week. The JGB group completed their directed notes reading of The Brave Little Tailor. Flat Stanley finished their summaries. William and Mary finished Journey and had another wonderful (and insightful) discussion with me. Charlotte's Web finished reading up to chapter 9 with me.

Then the children went to music, lunch and indoor recess.

After recess, we continued reading champ. Then the students were put into pairs to begin planning and writing a poem that tells a story. They began by choosing a simple problem and solution and deciding upon a rhyming pattern for the quatrains in their poem. Then they began the challenge of writing a poem to tell their story. It was great fun watching them work in pairs to plant their poems. Lots of great discussion and good compromises!


courtwit said...

Today I loved doing a story in a poem. It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love doing poetry:) You are the best teacher every:):):):):)!!!!!!!!!

Dana Holman said...

Thanks Courtney! I was so excited to get a comment...

I was so impressed by how well the class worked as you wrote the story poems...and then when you guys shared your work...WOW!!!

I love teaching you guys poetry because you continually impress me!

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