Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So, now they teach reading using comics?!?!

Yes, that's right...today's reading lesson was based on a Walt Disney comic. For all of you pessimists out there (and I was one till I read the curriculum info. this weekend....while I was sunbathing...I am not THAT dedicated! LOL), the children will be bringing home a letter about the program this afternoon.

Today we did the introductory lesson. We discussed the structural elements of a comic. There include speech balloons, thought balloons, panels, gutters (the space between the panels)and captions. Then the children read Donald Duck in World's apart and used contextual clues (both words and pictures) to identify the meaning of unknown words. Then they worked on individual reading group assignments.

JGB: Finished reading their story using the directed notes strategy. They then had a question to answer in their packet.

W&M: Met with me to read and discuss chapter 4 in Journey. We had a fabulous discussion about Journey's relationship with his grandfather.

Flat Stanley: Read chapter 2.

Charlotte's Web: Read and discussed chapter 2 with me.

Prior to reading we did have math. In math we reviewed fractions of a set and went over the homework from last night. We also talked about estimation and rounding with money. The rule of thumb is 50 cents and higher rounds UP to the next dollar. There is a worksheet for homework.

This afternoon, under the guidance of Mr. Vogel, the children will be choosing herbs and planting them in a terrarium that will be kept in our classroom. Then Mr. Vogel will read a Chris Van Allsburg book in honor of Earth Day.

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