Thursday, April 17, 2008

Publishing Poetry

During math, the children independently worked on a fraction review packet. Prior to that, though, we cleared about some confusion regarding the balancing equations section of the formative. There is a worksheet for homework AND we will have a quiz tomorrow. The quiz will focus on probability and fractions.

Reading seemed to be exceedingly productive today! YEY! We began by creating a class list of -are (using our homework from Monday night...or at least, the homework of those children who did it....) and sorting those words according to the sound they make. Then the children created individual spelling lists and placed a list in their binders, in their spelling journal AND in their planners for this week AND next week.

After that, the students worked on individual reading groups assignments...

JGB: Met with me, did a text opener and a first reading of their new story, OOKA and the Honest Thief. Then, those who had time, did a second reading on their own.

W&M: Reread chapter 3 and answered a BCR in their W&M journal.

Charlotte's Web: Reread chapter 1 and drew a picture of the beginning, middle and end of chapter 1. They then used their pictures to help write a summary of chapter 1.

Flat Stanley: Finished their reading log assignments from yesterday and then read chapter 2.

Following lunch and recess, we went to the computer lab. In the computer lab, the children all began by working on Type to Learn. As they worked on their computers, I conferenced with each child individually. Each child picked a poem and we discussed and edited the poem together. Then the children returned to their computers and began publishing their poem using Microsoft Word.

Finally, our day ended with a lesson (class meeting, actually) led by Mrs. Howard, the guidance counselor.

Besides math homework, studying for the math quiz and reading for 15-20 minutes, students should begin working on their spelling homework which is due NEXT Friday!

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