Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Report Card Day

Report cards will be coming home with your child today. Please keep everything inside the envelope, sign the envelope in the space provided and return the EMPTY envelope to school tomorrow.

In math, we continued working on identifying fractions of a set and then practiced counting and writing money. There is a math worksheet for homework. We will most likely have a formative tomorrow and definitely have a quiz on Friday.

Reading block did not go as smoothly as I had hoped...we had some children pulled for GT re-screening (you know if your child was pulled...you received a note and a phone call) and others were pulled for various other reasons (ESOL, for example...). So, as a group, we completed a Frayer Model (graphic organizer tool that helps children understand and learn new concepts) about fantasy. Then I read Big, Bad Bruce, a picture book, out loud to the class. As I read the story, the children highlighted ideas from on their Frayer Model that they heard represented in the story.

Independently, the children reread Big, Bad Bruce and answered a BCR in their reading log. While this occurred, I had planned to meet with each of my reading groups. However, I only met with one group, due to the number of children missing from the other reading groups.

Following lunch and recess, we will have time to catch up from reading block this morning. Then we will plant our seeds in science.

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