Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catching Up!

In math, we took a formative and reviewed the correct answers and good strategies for obtaining those answers. For homework, students are expected to review the formative with an adult and to complete a money worksheet.

Our reading block became an opportunity for many to "catch up". For one reason, or another, all but two students had assignments that had not been completed and turned in to me. During this time, I met with the majority of the class, one on one, to go over different "issues" I had spotted on various assignments. In essence, it gave me a chance to use their mistakes as a teachable moment.

Following PE, lunch and recess, we will continue writing poetry. Today I will introduce quatrains; four lines of poetry that have rhyming schemes such as, AABB, AABA, ABAB and ABCB. So far, the children have demonstrated great enthusiasm and talent for poetry writing. Let's hope they enjoy this next challenge that I throw their way! :-)

We will end the day with a science lesson...we will either "thin" our plants so that each quadrant has only one thriving plant and/or we will visit the computer lab to use the internet as a source for additional information about plants. We'll see how the afternoon goes!

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