Friday, April 25, 2008

Hard Work Pays Off...

...and I have proof!

This morning my homeroom took the final MAP-R for this year. To refresh your memory, it is the reading test that is taken on the computer. This test self adjusts to the child's abilities…meaning if the child misses many questions, the items get easier and if they child consistently answers correctly, the difficulty increases.

Overall, my class ROCKED!!!!! There were so many very impressive gains! And even more importantly, the child put effort into the assessment. I watched the children take time, reread passages and read through every answer option. I was (and am) so pleased. I can't contain my enthusiasm and feel so proud of all of them!

When we returned to the classroom, I shared my joy with the children and pointed out how much smarter they have gotten BECAUSE of their hard work. I also told them they should be proud of themselves but that they need to continue working hard!

Prior to going to music, we took our spelling test and read and discussed an issue of Time for Kids. There was no follow-up worksheet. A small reward for doing well on their assessment!

After lunch and recess, we will observe, measure and water our plants (and herbs, too). If needed, some students will get a chance to stake their plants.

We will end the day by going to math and taking a quiz. I am hoping to get these scored and sent home today. I know the children have grown accustomed to this. However, as the quiz will run into the end of the day, time may become an issue!

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