Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy Week

There are many activities going on this week. First, this week is TV Turnoff Week. Also, there is a Book Fair in our school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be visiting, as a class, this afternoon. The book fair is open until 8pm tonight. The talent (variety?) show is Friday night at the Damascus Community Center. Finally, Thursday is Take Your Child to Work Day. There was a form sent home last Friday. It is expected that children who will be going to work with a parent on Thursday bring in the completed form, or a note, prior to missing school on Thursday.

Now, on to our day...
In math, we spent the entire time working on identifying fractions of a set. The children copied notes, off the white board, written by me, on how to solve a problem using three different strategies. Then they practiced using these strategies as they solved two additional problems in their journals. For homework tonight, they have three problems to solve in their math journal. Just in case some children forget their math journals, here are the problems:
1. Draw 12 circles. Shade 1/6. X out 1/3.
2. Draw 18 circles. Shade 1/6. X out 1/9.
3. Draw 20 circles. Shade 1/10. X out 1/4.

During reading the children worked on a reading comprehension follow up from Friday's Time for Kids and they had assignments that pertained to their individual reading groups. I also met with two reading groups...

JGB: Met with me and we began rereading using the directed notes approach. We marked areas in the story where OOka was being fair (F) and where OOka was being unfair (U). They finished this independently.

Charlotte's Web: Met with me and we began reading chapter 2.

W&M: Completed BCR from last week and began reading chapter 4 independently.

Flat Stanley: Finished work from last week...worked in small group with Mrs. Benson.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess, we will continue reading and writing poetry. We will work on rhyming as we write couplets and tercets.

Prior to visiting the book fair at 2:30, I am planning on identifying human made and man made features in The House on Maple Street.

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