Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MSA Reading...done!

Congrats to all of my wonderful students! They made it through their first round of MSA reading...WAY TO GO, guys! Next Tuesday and Wednesday they will tackle the math portion of the MSA. I KNOW they will do their best! :-)

After testing today, we learned about Roald Dahl, the author of Matilda, by reading his web's a cool site. Then we kicked off our study of fantasy as a literary genre by reading the first couple of chapters of Matilda.

Then the children went to lunch and recess.

Following recess, we switched for math. In math, we practiced identifying fractions of a set (ex. draw 9 triangles and circle 1/3 of them) and we compared fractions using <, >, and =. For homework the children need to complete the worksheet we began in class.

We ended the day with social studies. We used our homework assignments from last night to begin creating timelines.

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