Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mid Week

I will be leaving mid day today...have to take care of some family health issues involving my grandfather.

So, here's a quick and brief update...
In math we did not have a formative. Instead I gave an exit card (dip stick tool) to see who still needed help identifying fractions of a set. Then while the rest of the class worked independently on comparing fractions and solving money word problems, I worked with a small group (identified by the exit cards). There is a money worksheet for homework.

During reading we began lesson two of Comics in the Classroom. today's lesson focused on demonstrating understanding of a story's characters.

Following PE, lunch and recess, the children will listen to a chapter from A Cricket in Times Square. They will also have a chance to share a morning work entry that they wrote. Then they will review the structure of Cinquain and Haiku poetry. Following some independent writing time, they will be given an opportunity to share a Cinquain or Haiku poem they wrote.

Finally, to end the day, the children will observe their plants and record their observations in their plant journals. Then they will watch a Magic School Bus video about plant growth and development.

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