Thursday, April 10, 2008


That is the sound of a low stress testing and the sun is shining. PLUS, I have discovered some talented poets within my classroom. All is good!

This morning, we began with see? We are back to routine! WE practiced identifying fractions of a number. For example, 1/3 of could draw 24 circles in 3 equal groups (the denominator - bottom number - tells us how many equal groups) and then we shade in 1 of the equal groups (the numerator tells us how many of the equal groups we are talking about). There is no homework...we will crack the whip, again, next week.

Following math, we had a reading/language arts block. We haven't gotten back to reading groups yet...again, that will come on Monday. WE did read two more chapters in Matilda. Then we read many poems from some of the poetry anthologies I checked out from the school library. After that, we discussed couplets and I shared with them a strategy for writing couplets (two lines that rhyme). Next, the students had independent writing time to practice writing either free verse or couplet poetry. Finally, the students shared the poetry they had written...WOW! I was blown away. Some were funny, most had great rhythm and many rhymed. I also heard a few poems that shared beautiful thoughts. I was so pleasantly surprised!!

Following lunch and recess, we will go to the computer lab where children will work on Type to Learn for the first 1/2 hour. After that, they can continue practicing their typing or go to various links from the third grade web page.

WE will conclude the day by observing the seeds we soaked over night and writing in our science journals.

Tomorrow we have our double specials...PE and music.

Book orders are due no later than Monday!

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