Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning, while I attended a meeting in the building, Mrs. McAlister taught a lesson reviewing the use of apostrophes in possessive nouns. Then the students did a follow up practice activity independently.

In math, we identified and practiced 5 different strategies that can be used to solve division problems. While the students worked independently on a follow up worksheet I met with a small group to practice identifying multiples and factors of numbers. There is a worksheet for homework.

Before heading to lunch and recess, we visited the computer lab and used Type to Learn 3 to improve our keyboarding skills.

This afternoon we focused on our research project. First, we reviewed the definitions of the categories on the graphic organizer. Then the students completed a word sort activity, in small groups, to ensure their understanding of the graphic organizer. Finally, I modeled using the index and skimming and scanning text to gather information and add it to the physical geography section of the graphic organizer. Students will begin gathering and recording their information tomorrow.

We are ending the day with a class meeting focusing on following directions and doing your best.

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