Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Concert Thursday

This morning in reading we practiced monitoring for meaning as we read an article about sound in our National Geographic. While I met with reading groups the students worked continued reading the article we started as a whole group and practiced stopping and thinking about what they read before proceeding further with their reading. If they didn't remember what they had read, or didn't understand it, they were to reread the section and use the text features to help them. After that, they worked on individual reading group activities. Then we they completed any unfinished work from earlier in the week. Finally, if time allowed, they worked on their reading log, which is due tomorrow!

Bears: We met and had a discussion utilizing the inquiry discussion question they answered yesterday independently. Our conversation centered around whether or not it was okay for Papa to advertise for a wife in the newspaper.

In math we reviewed rounding and multiplying two digit numbers. These skills were supposed to be used to complete an estimation word problem worksheet that the students worked on independently while I met with a small group. Unfortunately, many students did not follow the directions on the worksheet. So, I modeled problem number one on each of the worksheets and these students are expected to redo the rest of the worksheet for homework tonight. There is an additional worksheet for ALL students tonight. We will have a quiz tomorrow.

Following art, lunch and recess the students returned to class to work independently while I conferenced with students on their physical geography and climate paragraphs. Then we attended the DES Winter Choral and Band concert.

Remember, spelling packets and reading logs are due tomorrow! Students who do not turn these in WILL miss recess. I HATE doing this but I have tried many methods to get students to take responsibility for completing their work. None of these have seemed to make a positive impact. Therefore, I feel forced use losing recess as a consequence. Hopefully, I will not have to do so because EVERYONE will turn in completed work!!!!

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