Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid Week...Wednesday

My reading class has been working hard on their state brochure projects. Students are at different phases in their work but all have the end date (due date) of this Friday, January 20. This morning I spent time conferencing with students and providing feedback on their written work. The children spent their time adding details to their organizers, writing rough drafts, using feedback to improve their writing and then adding it to their brochure, and adding the state flag and other state symbols to their brochures. Does this sound busy? It was!

In math we reviewed last night's homework as a whole group and practiced solving multiple choice math problems. The students need to complete the back page of our class work for homework.

Following math we went to the computer lab where the children practiced their keyboarding skills using Type to Learn 3. I spent time meeting with individual students to help revise and edit their writing.

Following lunch and indoor recess the students continued working on their brochures and writing thank you notes to the PTA for yesterday's excellent cultural arts assembly. I met with reading groups.

Reading Groups:
Crabs: We discussed the problem in chapter 2 and reviewed the lists of unknown words. Tonight, for homework, the students need to read chapter 3 and explain (on a sticky note) why Anna was embarrassed on page 20.

Lions: We discussed chapter 2 and reviewed the list of unknown words. Tonight the students need to read chapter 3 and, on a sticky note, answer the questions, Why is this (The Short Cut) a good title for this chapter?

Bears: We discussed chapter 2 and identified the most important even in that chapter. We also reviewed the list of unknown words from homework. Tonight the students need to read chapter 3 and identify what Sarah brings each person, on a sticky note.

We ended the day by discussing harassment. Students are not respecting their peers wishes to be left alone. I am just now becoming aware of this situation and this afternoon I addressed it, briefly, with the students.

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