Thursday, January 26, 2012


This morning the students worked in small groups to score and provide feedback to two student written BCRs for Ironing Board Sandwiches. Obviously, these BCRs were anonymous. Once the students were done, we met as a class to discuss the feedback and scores they had given to each BCR. This provided an opportunity for children to discuss pluses and deltas in authentic student work.

After that, the students worked independently on reading non-fiction text and using test taking strategies to answer multiple choice follow up questions. Additionally, the completed a new WOW (word of the week) worksheet for superb (excellent; very fine). If they finished early they were to complete any unfinished work and read silently.

In math we went over each question in the unit 3 review packet. Students were expected to fix any mistakes they made and ask any questions they had. They will bring these home tonight and are expected to use them to prepare for the unit assessment which is tomorrow.

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess the students worked in small groups, using the book Oil Spill, to complete a semantic map (graphic organizer). WE will use this organizer, next week, to help us write persuasive letters.

While the students worked on the above activities, I met with reading groups.
Crabs: We discussed how Grandpa felt when the train got stuck and which words helped us figure it out. Then we began reading chapter 5. For homework, the students need to read chapter 5 and explain what the people did on the train to keep warm.

Lions: We reviewed last night's homework, discussing why Lucy shrieked at Simon. For homework, the children need to read chapter 5 and list unknown words.

Bears: We discussed whether or not the students think that Sarah will stay. Then we talked about the title, Sarah, Plain and Tall, and whether or not we think Sarah is "plain". For homework they students need to read chapter 5 and explain why Caleb smiles when Sarah says, "our dune".

Unfortunately, due to an extensive amount of talking, we missed out on science. WE WILL get this under control. Your children have WONDERFUL personalities and make coming to school fun but they need to learn to be quiet during transition times so that we get through our daily plans. :-)

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