Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm thinking there are some students that are glad it is Friday and happy that we have a three day weekend because this morning the hammer is being lowered. Students who did not complete their homework correctly ARE being help in during recess to redo or complete it. AS much as I hate keeping children in for recess (I truly believe students NEED to be outside, running around, having fun)I have tried many different things to get the students to put effort into their work and do it correctly. Nothing has helped. Therefore I am forced to go the recess route. UGH!

Moving forward...
This morning we reviewed this week's spelling packet and took our spelling test. These are scored and will be coming home this afternoon. Then I we reviewed student samples of responses to the Butterfly of Thailand BCR. These were responses written by students in our class but retyped by me to keep them anonymous. The students decided what score they would give the response and then identified what was done well and need to be changes to improve the response.

In math we began with a warm up and I had planned to give a quiz BUT during the warm up I noticed that many students struggled with their homework. Therefore, I took time to review the homework from last night and that led to more questions about rounding and estimation. Since I encourage students to ask questions, I felt compelled to answer these. So, we ran out of time and never got to he quiz.

Following a visit to the media center. The students enjoyed lunch and indoor recess.

After recess I met with many students to work one-on-one revising and editing their physical geography and climate paragraphs. While I did this, the rest of the class completed unfinished work from the week and wrote their final drafts of their physical geography and climate paragraphs in their state brochures.

Our day ended with housekeeping types of things...paper passing, getting our books from the media center, organizing desks, locating missing work, etc.

Have a wonderful three day weekend!

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