Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This morning we continued reading Butterfly of Thailand to work on test taking strategies. We reviewed the idea of monitoring for meaning and highlighting information in the text. Then I introduced the skill of eliminating wrong answers. I talked to the class about getting rid of answers they KNOW are wrong and also being careful to find and eliminate the most often chosen wrong answer (for example, given the problem 5 + 3 = ___; the answer 53 could be eliminated because they know that is wrong, and 2 could be eliminated as the most often chosen wrong answer because you are subtracting rather than adding).

After that, we practiced reading a BCR and understanding WHAT the question is asking and locating support in the text to answer the question. Students will answer the BCR independently later today.

In math we began distinguishing between multiplication and division word problems. We made a t-chart on the board noting the differences between the two situations. For example, with multiplication we are looking for the total and with division we know the total and are looking for how many groups or how many are in each group.

While the students worked independently, I pulled the same small group from yesterday to practice identifying the factors of a given number.

There is a word problem worksheet for homework.

Following PE, lunch and recess I spoke to the class about changes in reading groups. My basic overall message is that all three reading groups are within one level of each other...they are all on grade level with one group being slightly above. This is GREAT news.

After that, I modeled using the graphic organizer to write a paragraph about the physical geography of the state we researched.

While I met with reading groups, the students complete the Butterfly in Thailand BCR, worked on the physical geography and the climate paragraphs for their state research brochure, and, if time allowed, worked on their reading logs.

Reading Groups:
Bears: We began reading and discussing chapter 1 of Sarah, Plain and Tall. For homework the students needs to reread chapter 1...this CAN count as their reading log assignment as long as they mark it down in their log.

Lions: We began reading and discussing chapter 1 in Stay Away from Simon. We didn't get far into the book. :-( Tonight they need to read chapter 1. They CAN use this as their reading log assignment as long as they mark it in their log.

Crabs: Unfortunately, I did not get to this group. I definitely will tomorrow!!

We ended the day with the students finishing the experiment where they observed the sound and vibrations produced by a ruler at different lengths.

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