Thursday, January 19, 2012


This morning I was at a regularly scheduled meeting, in the building, to discuss the progress of all third graders. We have this type of meeting three times each year (in each grade level)to ensure that all students meet their fullest potential.

While I was at the meeting, Mrs. Benson worked with the children. The students had three tasks. First, they were to complete their state brochures. Second, they were to finish their thank you notes to the PTA. Finally, they were supposed to reread chapter 3 in their reading group book and then choose any book to read silently.

When most were finished, Mrs. Benson began reading an informational piece about Christopher Columbus with them. We will continue working on this tomorrow.

I returned to class in time for math.

In math we reviewed solving multiple choice math problems and practiced using the calculators to solve division problems WITHOUT using the division or addition keys. There is a worksheet for homework and there will not be a quiz tomorrow.

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess, the students were given a new issue of National Geographic. In order to allow me to work with the students who need to complete their research brochures, the rest of the class worked in groups of 2 or 3 to read the first article, "Living with Lions" and identify examples of cause and effect from the text. We reviewed this, as a whole group, before moving on to science.

Well, the plan was to move on to science but reading ran late and we used the rest of the time to complete our yesterday's class meeting.

As I did not get to my reading groups, I have not checked last night's homework. Please help your child remember to keep the sticky note on their reading group book. We will meet in groups tomorrow! :-)

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