Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

This marks the final week in the first semester or the second marking period, however you choose to look at it! :-) Therefore we are busy wrapping things up and getting ready for the second half of the school year.

In reading, this morning, I modeled (again) how to take the information from the graphic organizer and use it to construct a well organized paragraph. Then the students worked on the rough drafts for their natural resources and interesting facts paragraphs. The iPads were available for students who need additional information. Students who had not completed any stage of their physical geography and climate paragraphs were expected to try to catch up, as well.

I worked individually with students to conference on their writing and provide additional support for their research brochure.

In math we took the quiz that we did not have time for on Friday. These will be scored and returned to students today. When the students had completed the quiz we had a few minutes left over. So I used this time to briefly introduce the use of parenthesis in equations, for example, 10-(2x3)=4. I created a worksheet for homework practicing this skill.

Following PE, lunch and recess the student in each reading group wrote their homework assignments in their planner. ALL THREE reading groups are expected to read chapter 2 in their respective books, list unknown words on a sticky note and get a parent signature in their planner. Unfortunately, we did not meet in groups today due to an assembly.

**There will NOT be a reading log assignment or a spelling packet this week due to the shortened week and semester break. Look for nightly homework assignments on the blog and in your child's planner.**

Our day ended with a PTA sponsored assembly called Math Magic. It was awesome!!! If you want more information about it go to AugustineMagic.com.

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