Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hump Day - Half Way There!!

This morning in reading the students got back their BCRs from The Butterfly of Thailand with feedback, written on it, from me. Then we discussed how to read the feedback and what to do with it. After pointing out common good things I saw in their writing (organization, the use of transition words, using specific details) and challenges that many shared (missing either a topic or concluding sentence, using the same transition word, using pronouns without first using the specific noun, the students were sent back to rewrite their BCR using the feedback given by me to improve their response.

While I met with reading groups the students worked on individual reading group assignments, rewrote their Butterfly of Thailand BCR, completed the paragraphs about the physical geography and climate of their states and worked on their reading logs.

Crabs: We met and read the inside cover of the book Anna, Grandpa and the Big Storm and discussed why this book is classified as historical fiction. Then we read and discussed chapter 1 out loud. Tonight, for homework, the students must reread chapter 1, working on fluency. This CAN count as one of their four reading log entries for this week as long as they mark it in their log.

In math we reviewed rounding and estimation. Then we began using rounding to estimate the product of word problems. This took longer than expected. So, we were unable to get to the independent practice. Therefore homework is a division worksheet (two sided) that is NOT estimation.

After math we went to the computer lab where the students practiced their keyboarding skills using Type to Learn and I conferenced with individual students on their writing (physical geography and climate paragraphs).

Following lunch and indoor recess, I shared a student paper to demonstrate to the class how to add voice to their paragraphs and make them less boring. Then the students continued working independently while I met with reading groups.

Lions: This morning they were supposed to make two vocabulary entries in their RRJs. At group time, I discovered that m,any students had not done this correctly, even though there are examples in their RRJs and we've done this several times before. SO, I scrapped my original plan and reviewed the process for competing a vocabulary entry. The students took notes in their RRJ and copied a model we did together. This took an enormous amount of time.

Bears: This group completed a written inquiry discussion question about chapter 1, independently. I was hoping to meet with them to discuss their answers today, but we ran out of time. We will discuss these answers tomorrow!

We ended the day with a much needed class meeting. We reviewed, again, the expectation for following first time directions RIGHT AWAY and taking responsibility for their actions. This is a great group of children and I sincerely enjoy working with them...but...their focusing challenges and reluctance to put effort into their work eat up time that could be better spent. I will not give up on them because I KNOW they can do it!!


Carol M said...

Wow Mrs. Holman, I am very impressed with your class blog! It was nice to read the details you provide parents regarding their child's day in your classroom. I have often wondered what all went on in my children's classes throughout the day. When I ask them about their day, I usually get "Fine."! I have read other teachers' blogs but never this detailed! What a wonderful resource for your students and their parents :)

Dana Holman said...

Thanks!!!! :-)

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