Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This morning we continued our study of reading to perform a task (reading procedural text). Today's lesson focused on the importance of illustrations. Students used the step by step directions and illustrations to create pop up pictures of peppy pigs.

Additionally, this morning, my high school intern (under my guidance) began working with a small group focusing on phonics and short vowel sounds, in particular. The students worked with letter tiles to build words.

In math we solved comparison multiplication problems. Then the students worked on their basic multiplication facts through a variety of math games including flashcards with me and using the iPads. There is a comparison multiplication worksheet for homework.

Following PE, lunch and outdoor recess we were able to review the characteristics of good writing and use them to score a sample piece of student writing. As we did this, we noted changes that needed to be made in the piece to make it better. Then the students continued working on pop ups and unfinished work while I attempted to meet with reading groups. Unfortunately, I only got to one! :-O

Lions: We read and discussed the meaning of the fable The Tailless Fox.

We ended the day by reading about how sound travels. We learned that sound travels in waves and can travel through most materials. In order to do so, the sound waves must create vibrations in the material. We also learned that sound travels 1,080 feet per second!

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