Friday, December 2, 2011


This morning in reading we reread part of Caporushes and identified and discussed examples of inference in the folk tale. Then the students had a chance to catch up on unfinished work for the week while I met with reading groups.

Bears: We met and discussed how locating information with post it notes and our discussions in reading group should be used when responding to BCRs in their RRJs. Then I shared one of their classmates responses so that the students could hear an example of how their BCR from Wednesday should have been answered. We will begin a new book on Monday.

In math we took our final quiz for unit 2. The quizzes and have scored and returned. Look for them in your child's math section in their binder.

Following a visit to the media center, eating lunch and enjoying outdoor recess, the students shared their new writing topic and their main idea or topic sentence. I gave feedback to each to help the class understand what makes a good topic sentence and how to improve those that needed it.

I continued to meet with reading groups while the students continued their independent work.

Lions: We read chapter 3 in their book and then discussed the idea of "gist". Finally, we revisited SWBST (somebeody/wanted/ to identify the gist of the chapter.

Crabs: We reread the first 10 pages of the book and retold what happened. Then we read two more pages and discussed character traits for the Old Woman and evidence from the book that supported the traits.

We ended the day by saying goodbye to a friend who is moving and passing out the library books. Reading class ran over so we didn't have time for our social studies lesson. :-(

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