Monday, December 5, 2011


This morning in reading the students reread Caporushes independently, marking places with an "s" where they felt the main character was keeping a secret or hiding something. While the students worked on this, I met with each student to review their new writing topic and print additional information off of Wikipedia, if needed. After that, we discussed the story of Caporushes using the places they marked as discussion points. Next, I modeled using information from the Internet to write an informational paragraph where my details supported by topic or main idea sentence.

This afternoon the students will work independently while I meet with all three reading groups.

***SPECIAL NOTE...I just completed this entry and tried to post and lost the rest of this will be quick...SORRY!***

In math we used conversions to compare feet and inches. While the students worked on a practice worksheet I met with two small groups. One group worked on drawing three different rectangles with the same perimeters. The other worked on identifying the area and perimeter of figures. There is a worksheet for homework.

Following music, lunch and outdoor recess, the students worked on the following activities while I met with reading groups; listing 3-5 details in their writing notebooks that support their main idea/topic sentence, completing a past and present tense verb worksheet and practicing their word wall words in cursive. If there was time they were allowed to work on their reading logs, too. If not, they are to do that at home.

Remember reading logs and spelling packets are due Friday!!

Reading Groups
Bears: We read about and identified the characteristics of trickster tales.
Crabs: We continued reading The Old Lady who Lives in a Vinegar Bottle and worked on phrasing by pausing at punctuation marks.
Lions: We used the title of chapter 4 to predict what the chapter would be about and then read to check our predictions. We also worked on phrasing by pausing at punctuation marks.

We ended the day by listing the things that make Damascus special. Then each student drew a picture of their community, either from the school or their home. If the picture was not completed in class it must be done tonight, at home. WE will use these pictures for our social studies lesson tomorrow.

We will visit the book fair tomorrow morning!

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