Monday, December 12, 2011

Brrrr....It's a cold Monday! is ALWAYS colder on Monday, in our classroom, then the rest of the week. Please dress your child appropriately!!

In reading today we began a new Junior Great Books story called Master Cat. We are doing this as our whole group instruction. We began by reading and discussing a poem called "The Cat of Cats". Then I did the first reading of the story while the children followed along. As part of their independent work today, they will be listing questions they are wondering about, pertaining to the story, in their RRJ.

After that, we learned that adjectives are words that describe a noun and usually describe what kind. The students will complete a practice activity where they identify the adjective and the noun it describes.

We ended the block by marking our planner, for the week, with reading log and spelling homework. Spelling packets will be given out today and are due NEXT Friday, December 23. Reading logs are due THIS Friday.

In math, the students received 4 different papers with multiplications tools and strategies to use. These papers will be stored in the math section of their binder. After that, we reviewed arrays and the students completed a practice worksheet independently. Mrs. Benson and I walked around to help those who needed it.

The students need to be able to construct an array. It is on the assessment. However, I did notice today that this strategy is not the best for some of our sloppier friends. SO...I will make sure that all students now how to construct and use arrays but unless they are explicitly told to construct an array to solve a problem, some should choose a different method to help them find the product.

There is a worksheet for homework that goes with one of the papers that is stored in the math section of the binder.

Following music, lunch and outdoor recess I met with all three reading groups while the students worked independently on their assignments.

Bears: We read and discussed the lesson in the trickster tale called Hare and Lion.

Crabs: We discussed fables as a genre and read one discussing the stated lesson at the end of it.

Lions: We discussed fables as a genre. I read a fable, out loud, to the group and we identified the lesson.

We will end the day by beginning our second science unit, exploring sound. The students will list what they know about sound and what they want to learn about sound on a chart in their science packets. If there is enough time, we will also unpack our science kit.

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