Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hump Day

This morning in reading we discussed the story The Master Cat focusing on the question, "Why doesn't the cat share his plan with his master?" After that, the students returned to their seats to complete The Master Cat Packet while I began to meet with reading groups.

Bears: We began our study of fables by reading The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and discussing the moral. Then the students created an entry in the vocabulary section of their RRJ using the word party as it appeared in the story on page 1.

In math we began our effort to memorize the basic multiplication facts by creating flashcards for the 6s and 7s. The students checked their answers using a calculator. These cards will be brought home tonight and should be practiced daily until they are MEMORIZED. There is a worksheet, for homework, practicing these facts.

After math we went to the computer lab and used Microsoft Publisher to create holiday cards.

Following lunch and outdoor recess, I reviewed my expectations for using feedback, from me, on their rough drafts to write an improved final draft. The students then began working on their final drafts while I met with the remaining reading groups.

Lions: We read the fable The Fox and the Dogs and discussed the meaning of the moral and how it applied to the story.

Crabs: We retold the beginning of The Ducks and the fox, the fable we started yesterday. Then we finished reading the fable and discussed the moral.

We ended the day with a class meeting. Prior to beginning the meeting, the students were given an index card. On one side they wrote why they think I was frustrated in the computer lab today. On the other side they wrote one thing they think the class needs to do better.

I used this as a springboard for a great discussion!

Funny side student asked during our class meeting, "Is this your job? I thought this was just a side thing!" Truly. This happened. I can't make it up!!!

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