Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

This morning we read the folktale called The Girl Who Wore Too Much and practiced sequencing it orally. While I met with reading groups, the students worked independently on individual reading group assignments, a WOW worksheet for our new word utter (to speak or say), a sequencing activity and their reading log.

Crabs: We practiced sequencing by having a student tell the first event from our book and the next person telling the next event (using a transition word), etc. etc. Then we completed the story and discussed the ending.

In math we took the Unit 2 assessment. Scores will come home later this week or early next week. I was a bit disappointed that some students rushed through this test and didn't used the strategies that we have learned and practiced.

Before enjoying lunch and indoor recess we went to the computer lab. In the computer lab the students used the software package Kidspiration to create a diagram demonstrating their knowledge of geographic characteristics. The children's knowledge was based upon our last two social studies lesson and a chart that they had in front of them.

After lunch and recess my reading class sat in a circle and shared their topic sentences and the details they plan to use for their next writing piece. I gave feedback to all.

While the students worked on writing their rough drafts using their planning pieces in their writing notebooks and my feedback, I met with reading groups.

Lions: We practiced identifying the gist or main idea of the book using somebody/wanted/but/so/then, orally. Tomorrow they will write bout it in their RRJ.

Bears: The students read the Anansi story, independently, this morning, marking the parts in the story that were characteristics of a trickster tale. In group, this afternoon, we reread the story and reviewed these characteristics.

We ended the day with a class meeting where we discussed the importnace of listening and following directions. Sound familiar? I LOVE this class...they are great children with awesome personalities...and they are quite bright. Unfortunately, they struggle, daily, to remain focused and follow directions and this impacts their work. SO, once again, we discussed this issue.

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