Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hump Day

This morning we continued reading procedural text. The students got into small groups and read through many different kinds of "pop-ups". Then, as a group, we voted on one we would make today. Lift the flap was the winner!

After following the directions to make a lift the flap picture scene, the students had a chance to share. It was so much fun to see their creativity!

In math we worked on multiplication word problems. Our focus today was the wording specific to multiplication situations. Key words we focused on included, in all, altogether, total and each. The students worked on a practice worksheet where they were expected to draw a picture and write a multiplication sentence for each problem. They have a similar worksheet for homework with the same expectations.

After math, we visited the computer lab where we began a Sound Web quest (scavenger hunt on the Internet to locate specific information).

Then we enjoyed lunch and indoor recess.

After lunch we split into small groups and using the chart stating the qualities of good writing, the students listed the strengths and weaknesses, as well as a score, for a sample piece of writing. Then the students had time to complete unfinished work.

We ended the day with a wonderful class meeting. Some children were brave enough to speak up about issues and challneges that are bothering them.

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