Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday - A Trip to the Book Fair

This morning in reading we read Cinderella and focused on sequencing main events to summarize what we read. Before doing that, though, I reviewed the expectations of our reading logs, answered any questions and modeled writing a letter since that is part of the assignment, to write a letter to me. During this time, we squeezed in a visit to the book fair, too. Look for your child's wish list in their home folder this evening.

In math the students spent the first have of class working, independently, on a review packet for the unit 2 assessment. Then, as a class, we went over each problem in the packet. The students were expected to correct any mistakes and ask any questions they had. They will bring home a completed and corrected review packet tonight. Children should use this to prepare for the unit assessment which we will take tomorrow in class.

Following PE, lunch and indoor recess the students participated in a counseling lesson, with Mrs. Howard, focusing on friendship.

We ended the day by learning about geographic characteristics and how they define a region. Geographic characteristics can be separated into two categories; physical (natural) and human (improvements made by humans to the land). We then shared the pictures that the students drew yesterday and identified geographic characteristics in their pictures and then decided whether they were physical or human.

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