Thursday, December 15, 2011


This morning we began our comparison of different versions of the tale Cinderella. We have already read and discussed the original Cinderella and Cap O'Rushes. Today we read a native American version called The Rough Skinned Girl. We also began filling out a chart which we will use to compare and contrast the different versions.

Funny story for today....I asked if anyone knew where Lake Ontario was located and one person, a girl, raised her hand and said Canada. I was impressed and asked how she knew. I expected her to say that she had been there on vacation or something along those answer, "Justin Bieber is from there." LOL!!!

Since we had some great discussions as we read the story and filled out the chart, the students had 5 minutes of independent work time and I did not pull any reading groups. We will get to both of those items this afternoon.

Today, in math, we will focus on the 8s and 9s multiplication basic facts. The students will make flashcards in class and then have a follow up worksheet for homework. PLEASE make sure your child is practicing their flashcards DAILY, only for 3-5 minutes, until they memorize them!!!

Following art, the students will enjoyed lunch and recess.

After lunch the students worked independently while I met with 2 of the reading groups.

Bears: We discussed the fact that most words have more than one meaning and that when using the thesaurus or the dictionary it is important to use the correct meaning. Then we read and discussed the fable The Cat and the Birds.

Lions: We began to read and define vocabulary in the fable The Dancing Monkeys. We will continue with this fable tomorrow.

We ended the day by exploring sound using pitch forks. Some important concepts learned today include:
Sound is created by vibrations
Pitch is how high or low a sound is
Volume is how loud or soft
Frequency is the number of vibrations per second (this was mentioned but not stressed yet today!)

Reading Logs are due tomorrow. We will have a math quiz tomorrow, too.

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