Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunny Thursday

This morning in reading we tackled the idea of theme in books. I described it as the author's message. The theme is not written in stories yet it is the central idea that drives the characters, setting, problem and solution. We reread The Girl Who Wore Too Much and discussed the theme of excess or less is more.

While I met with reading groups the students worked on their information rough drafts, individual reading group activities, a theme worksheet and other unfinished work, including their reading logs.

Crabs: We met and discussed somebody/wanted/but/so/then as it pertains to their reading group book. I also reviewed the idea of gist and said that when we identify the somebody/wanted/but/so/then we are stating the gist. Then the students returned to their seats to either write a summary or complete a SWBST chart in their RRJ for a score. I gave the students a choice of either activity because both will hit on the same end result.

After enjoying art, lunch and outdoor recess, the students returned to class and worked in groups of four to revise and edit their writing pieces. They were especially excited to do this because I allowed them to use pen to mark their improvements on their rough drafts.

After that, the students continued working independently while I met with reading groups.

Bears: We reread Anansi and Sky King and then used transition words to orally sequence the story.

Lions: We were unable to meet but they completed a SWBST chart in their RRJ based on their reading and yesterday's discussion in group.

We ended the day by reviewing geographic characteristics and the difference between physical and human characteristics. Then we identified, orally, a human characteristic that Damascus does not have that would benefit the community.

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