Friday, April 29, 2011


This morning in math we began the unit 5 assessment. We will complete it on Monday.

Our reading and writing block focused on two types of rhyming poetry; couplets and tercets (or triplets). Couplets are poems that are composed of two lines of poetry that rhyme and have the same number of syllables. Tercets are similar but have groups of three lines of text. After searching for and sharing examples of couplets and tercets the students completed a guided worksheet to write once couplet.

While I met with reading groups, the students wrote couplets and finished writing the two acrostic poems that were assigned yesterday. If they finished early, they were able to choose between reading, copying and/or illustrating poetry or writing their own acrostic or couplet poem.

Reading Groups:
Hyenas: We read and discussed chpater nine. I collected the books...we are DONE!

Snow Tigers: We read and discussed chapter 3.

Hornets: Due to a schedule change, we didn't meet. :-(

Follwoing lunch and recess the students will go to music. When they return we will finish the follow up activity from their guidance lesson yesterday. They will be creating (and sharing) anti-bullying super heroes.

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