Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday...almost there!

Spring Break is right around the corner and you can definitely feel it in the air!

In math, this morning, we tackled long division. We reviewed the steps (divide, multiply, subtract, bring down) and practiced solving a few problems. This will not be on the quiz tomorrow!! There is a money sheet for homework and, yes, we will have a quiz tomorrow, too!

In reading we used the fantasy, The Great Kapok Tree, to understand inference and identify the author's message. Thanks to our outstanding reading specialist, Mrs. Hepner, I was able to show the students different sets of pictures, in which the person photographed had similar actions but we could infer different things. For example, I had two pictures of a person was in workout gear, the other in a suit carrying a briefcase. We could infer that the first person was working out, while the second person was late to work. This was a fantastic way to teach the idea of inference!!

After reading and discussing The Great Kapok Tree we headed to the gym to visit the 4th grade's awesome wax museum! Each year the 4th grade students research a famous American and present their information through a wax museum. It's always such a treat and this year did not disappoint!

When we returned to the classroom, I met with two of the reading groups and Mrs. J. conferenced with students on their writing. The students worked on a follow up worksheet for The Great Kapok Tree. They needed to identify the author's message and use example from the story to support their idea. Then they need to work on the final copy of their fantasy story.

Reading Groups:

Hornets: We shared their questions from Tuesday night's homework. There is o homework tonight.

Hyenas: We reviewed the beginning, middle and end of chapter 6. There is no homework tonight.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will go to the computer lab with Mrs. Rose. When they return, Mrs. Howard and Mr. Romer will visit to do a guidance lesson!

I will be out tomorrow for part 2 of my root canal! I am sure the students will have a productive day with the substitute teacher! Enjoy the Spring Break!!

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