Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hump Day

Tomorrow is Take Your Child to Work Day which is an excused absence. I had planned to give the Unit 5 math assessment tomorrow but will most likely reschedule it until tomorrow. However, we did review the entire review packet in math class today. All students should bring home a completed and correct packet. I expect them to study the packet, tonight and tomorrow, for the assessment on Friday.

We began our reading block with students sharing favorite poems they discovered in class yesterday. Then we read some acrostic poems and previewed a packet that we will use to help us write acrostic poems.

While I met with reading groups the students completed the acrostic poem packet. After that they wrote their spelling words three times each. Finally, they continued reading poems and copying their favorites into their RRJ.

Reading Groups:

Snow Tigers: We reread and discussed chapter 1. For homework they need to read chapter 2 and write a title for that chapter.

Hornets: We discussed chapter 6 and began reading chapter 7. For homework they need to read chapter 7 and answer the question "What was Chester doing to Bunnicula?"

Hyenas: We shard the interesting facts they learned in chapter 7. For homework tonight they need to read chapter 8 and get a parent signature in their planner.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students went to PE. WHen they return we will discuss how to care for the seeds we planted yesterday afternoon.

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