Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tueday...A stormy Day

This blog entry is going to be brief and possibly vague...due to lucky genetics...NOT...I need another root canal and will be leaving early today. UGH!

This morning, the students are working on their first experiment from our new science unit. They are observing a lima bean both dry and soaked. The soaked bean will allow the students to see the inside of a seed and identify the parts of a seed.

After that, they will go to their normal reading and writing block. My class will listen to the story The Mysterious Tadpole, another fantasy book. We will discuss what the author does to help the readers get lost in the story and forget it is a fantasy. Then we will share our writing topics from yesterday's chart.

While reading groups are meeting, the students will choose a topic to write their realistic fiction piece. They will also complete a graphic organizer, planning sheet, to help get their ideas in order. Additionally, each reading group will have follow up questions for the first chapter in their book.

All reading groups will begin reading chapter 2 and discussing it with the substitute. For homework, all groups need to read/reread chpater 2 and get a parent's signature in their planner.

Following lunch and recess the students will have math. In my math class they will continue adding money and estimating money. Small groups will focus on counting and writing coins and placing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line.

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