Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hump Day

This morning in math we used "guess and check" to fill in unknowns (empty boxes) in order to make number sentences true. While the students worked independently, small groups worked on placing fractions and mixed numbers on number lines, counting coins and drawing pictures to represent mixed numbers. There is a worksheet for homework.

We began our reading group by sharing our rough drafts in small groups of students. The purpose was to read our story out loud and to discuss our writing with peers. After that, we met in a whole group and students had the chance to volunteer to read their rough draft in front of the class and receive feedback from me.

After that we read the story, The Paper Bag Princess, and discussed the author's message.

While I met with reading groups, Mrs. J. conferenced with individual students on their fantasy stories and the students worked on an inference worksheet and made a word search using their spelling words.

Reading Groups:
Hyenas: We shared their questions from last night's homework. Tonight they need to read chapter 6 and identify (using words or pictures) the beginning, middle and end of the chapter.

Snow Tigers: We began sharing questions from last night's homework and ran into some challenges. Some students wrote questions that were not answered in this chpater. Others wrote solid questions but the other students couldn't answer them. This led to frustration on my end. After some discussion, the students, one by one, admitted that they were struggling to comprehend this book.

Therefore, I have collected this book and we will start with a new book following SPring Break.

Obviously, no homework tonight but all students should read for at least 20 minutes each night!

Hornets: If you read above, you will understand why I ran out of time and did not meet with this group! No new, formal homework for this group...however, all students should read for at least 20 minutes each night!

Following lunch nad outdoor recess the students will go to PE. When they return to class we will have a class meeting and share our conflict and compromise charts...Yes, we were supposed to do both of these yesterday but things don't always go as planned! ;-)

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