Friday, April 8, 2011

PLEASE help! Oh...and TGIF!

In math we took a quiz for unit 5. They will be scored and returned to all students before the end of the day.

I need YOUR help! My math students are being help back by their lack of rote memory of the basic math facts. You might notice that to the right of this blog are links to math sites. I have added a new link, thanks to Mr. Vogel, for multiplication games. I encourage you to visit these sites, with your child, to aid in the memorization of the basic facts. It would be helpful if you began with multiplication...we will be doing some long division next week and knowing these facts will help...A LOT!!!!

We began the reading block with a spell check...yes, I finally remembered to give one!!! After that, we reread The Mysterious Tadpole and identified how the author used elements of realism to help the reader forget that it is a fantasy story.

While I met with reading groups, Mrs. J. continued conferencing with students on their writing and the children worked independently on completing their writing pieces and finishing all other work from this week (reading group worksheets, WOW, worksheet, etc.).

Reading groups:
Hyenas: We practiced identifying the main events from the beginning, middle and end of each chapter that we have read thus far. This was VERY challenging for the entire group. We will be focusing on this skill next week. Then the students shared the questions they wrote for homework last night. This was fun for all!!

Snow Tigers: We shared the questions that the students wrote for homework. Interestingly enough, some students struggled with writing questions that were answered in the chapter. We will revisit this skill next week!

Following lunch and indoor recess the students went to music. When they return we will begin to discuss conflict and compromise as part of our social studies curriculum.

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